View Full Version : NOLA Press Releases

Nancy Selleck
03-15-2018, 04:48 PM
Thanks very much to Katherine Phillips for working so hard to put together the race reports for the NOLA results press releases. Without Katherine's reports, the club would only be submitting the actual race results. You can view her reports on RoadracingWorld.com here:

Saturday: http://www.roadracingworld.com/news/motobros-wins-cmra-ultra-lightweight-8-hour-endurance-race-at-nola/

Sunday: http://www.roadracingworld.com/news/daniel-adams-dustin-dominguez-jay-newton-star-during-cmra-sprint-races-at-nola/

FYI, we do the best we can and can't report on everyone, so any rider or team can submit their own press releases to Roadracing World. Just email them to: pressreleases@roadracingworld.com

David Branyon
03-22-2018, 11:42 AM
Many thanks to Katherine Phillips for taking on this responsbility! Great to see a full write-up on the CMRA weekend in RRW!