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Bill Klindworth

  1. Team Dallas Honda finishes the 2013 season 4th in MCE

    Team Dallas Honda finished the season 4th in Modern Classic in our first full season of endurance racing.

    In our first attempt to compete a full endurance season we got quite an education.
    My hat is off in tribute to the teams that endurance race year after year.
    They make it look so easy !

    We found not only does it take lot of team work to make it happen but when you factor in injuries, mechanical problems, scheduling conflicts, & personal issues they ...

    Updated 11-10-2013 at 06:10 PM by Bill Klindworth

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  2. Team "Dallas Honda" starts the 2013 Modern Classic Endurance season at MSR Houston

    Team Dallas Honda competed in our first CMRA endurance race of the season at Motor Sport Ranch Houston.
    We organized the team near the end of last season and committed to race the entire 2013 endurance season.
    Team members include Nick Chapman who has returned to CMRA racing after many years away, Daisy"Rainbow Sox" DeSimone in her 3rd year racing CMRA, Larry Wise in his 2nd CMRA year, and myself, Bill "Old & Slow" Klindworth.
    We are pleased to see seven ...
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