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Paul Coste

  1. Privateer Tools takes 3rd place in SBCE at TWS2

    Texas World Speedway is always a fun place to race. This weekend we enjoyed fantastic weather and great racing. We also had a chance to review our spare parts and test the maximum battery life of our power tools.

    Friday practice felt good as Olay and Sean worked all day to dial in our suspension. We were confident our setup was good to go for all members of our team.

    On the first lap of the Saturday practice a bike ahead of us blew an engine. Olay hit the oil slick and ...
  2. Privateer Tools take 6th at NOLA BBE SBCE

    So let me get this straight. A CMRA race in an awesome city at a world class facility? Count us in!

    Wow, what a fantastic facility! Loved the track, loved the locals, loved the crowd.

    In contrast to all of the positives, it seems that the racing gremlins decided it was our turn for a visit. We overcame many minor issues over the course of the race.

    We started out the race with high hopes resting on Brad’s shoulders. He got us off to a great start before ...
  3. Privateer Tools take second in SBCE at Texas World 8 hour endurance

    I now understand the meaning of the word “endurance”. I am amazed at the ability of the Yamaha YZF-R6 to take that kind of abuse.

    When we put this team together our experienced endurance riders pointed to the eight hour race on the schedule and talked about tire changes, rider order, fatigue, and bike maintenance. Talking about an eight hour race and competing in an eight hour race are two very different things.

    In preparation, we worked with Shandra Crawford ...
  4. Privateer Tools - MSRH Race Report

    The Privateer Tools endurance team opened the 2013 Central Motorcycle Roadracing Association endurance season by taking 5th in the highly contested C Superbike class at MSR Houston. The opening weekend for CMRA racing was also the inaugural season for the team and their Yamaha R6 race bike.

    Team captain Olay Bayramoglu worked hard in the off season to build the team and deliver a race ready motorcycle. In addition to talking Brad Kelly out of retirement, Olay pulled together ...

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