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  1. Crazy Dog Racing

    Crazy Dog Racing returned to competition this weekend at NOLA Motorsports Park for the 5th round of the CMRA Big Bike Endurance season. The six hour race brought a number of challenges to the team in which they had to battle not just the other competitors on track. The heat and humidity of southern Louisiana was ever present the entire weekend, making one of the main concerns of the team whether the ice chest was full of bottled water and ice.

    After analyzing the two previous races ...
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  2. 5 Wins for Kelsey @ Eagles Canyon Raceway

    Georgetown, Texas rider Danny S. Kelsey won all five races he entered during the third round of the CMRA Sprint Championship Series held Sunday April 14th, 2013. Conditions were tricky as racers were greeted with drainage issues that created over 20 areas on the track where water was coming up on the racing line. Kelsey however persevered through the weekend and posted his personal best lap time (1:47.923) on Sunday as conditions improved over the weekend.

    The third round of the CMRA ...

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  3. FULL HOUSE FOR KELSEY @ Texas World Speedway

    Georgetown, Texas rider Danny S. Kelsey posted three wins, two second place finishes, and gained valuable championship points at Texas World Speedway during CMRA Sprint Championship racing action. The second round of the CMRA Sprint Championship Series provided a great opportunity for the team to continue development on the new Suzuki GSXR-1000 and refinement of its trusted GSXR-750. Races would be held with a record turnout for the CMRA, so competition would be tight.

    The weekend ...

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  4. Village Idiots 1st Overall, 1st C Superbike - Texas World Speedway March 23rd

    Race report by Chris Headley -

    You may have already heard by now, but just in case --- WE WON AGAIN! Here is the press release on

    Just like the title of the article says, the Village Idiots mounted an impressive charge from behind to take the win by a mere 3.8 seconds in an 8-Hour race. We were leading ...
  5. Privateer Tools take second in SBCE at Texas World 8 hour endurance

    I now understand the meaning of the word “endurance”. I am amazed at the ability of the Yamaha YZF-R6 to take that kind of abuse.

    When we put this team together our experienced endurance riders pointed to the eight hour race on the schedule and talked about tire changes, rider order, fatigue, and bike maintenance. Talking about an eight hour race and competing in an eight hour race are two very different things.

    In preparation, we worked with Shandra Crawford ...
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