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  1. Crazy Dog Racing finishes 3rd in Modern Classic during the 8 Hours of Texas

    Following a 3rd place at MSR Houston in the first round of the 2013 CMRA Big Bike Endurance season, Crazy Dog Racing raced to another podium finish at Texas World Speedway on March 23rd, again taking 3rd place in class. The race weekend began on Friday with all five team members taking turns on the A and B bikes to get reacquainted with the track and to ensure both bike setups were suitable for all riders. Preemptive race strategy and planning, however, went out the window with a less-than-ideal ...
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  2. Team "Dallas Honda" starts the 2013 Modern Classic Endurance season at MSR Houston

    Team Dallas Honda competed in our first CMRA endurance race of the season at Motor Sport Ranch Houston.
    We organized the team near the end of last season and committed to race the entire 2013 endurance season.
    Team members include Nick Chapman who has returned to CMRA racing after many years away, Daisy"Rainbow Sox" DeSimone in her 3rd year racing CMRA, Larry Wise in his 2nd CMRA year, and myself, Bill "Old & Slow" Klindworth.
    We are pleased to see seven ...
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  3. Village Idiots MSR Houston race Chris Headley

    Straight off our 2012 Overall Championship Season, the Village Idiots continued our success with an Overall Win for our first race of the season at Motorsport Ranch Houston last weekend. Not a bad way to kick off the new season as we set out to defend our Overall Championship.

    This year, we added Garet Tomlinson to our team to replace Blake Cochran who has retired from racing. Garet is a former Red Bull Rookies Cup rider, a fast expert in the CMRA Sprint Series, and brings ...
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  4. Kelsey takes msrh with 4 aces

    FEBRUARY 17, 2013 - KELSEY TAKES MSRH WITH 4 ACES lead rider Danny Kelsey started the 2013 season with 4 big wins during CMRA Sprint Championship Series action at MSRH in Angleton, Texas. The team and Kelsey faced some formidable obstacles to achieve this outstanding result.

    Friday practice was used to focus on the big Suzuki 1000 as crew chief Marcus McBain installed the GP Suspension 25mm cartridges to replace the “big piston fork” technology in the ...

    Updated 02-26-2013 at 12:52 AM by marcus mcbain

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  5. Privateer Tools - MSRH Race Report

    The Privateer Tools endurance team opened the 2013 Central Motorcycle Roadracing Association endurance season by taking 5th in the highly contested C Superbike class at MSR Houston. The opening weekend for CMRA racing was also the inaugural season for the team and their Yamaha R6 race bike.

    Team captain Olay Bayramoglu worked hard in the off season to build the team and deliver a race ready motorcycle. In addition to talking Brad Kelly out of retirement, Olay pulled together ...

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