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  1. FULL HOUSE FOR KELSEY @ Texas World Speedway

    Georgetown, Texas rider Danny S. Kelsey posted three wins, two second place finishes, and gained valuable championship points at Texas World Speedway during CMRA Sprint Championship racing action. The second round of the CMRA Sprint Championship Series provided a great opportunity for the team to continue development on the new Suzuki GSXR-1000 and refinement of its trusted GSXR-750. Races would be held with a record turnout for the CMRA, so competition would be tight.

    The weekend ...

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  2. "Mercury" Myers and "Nicky D", 2-smoke the competition at ECR in the rain.

    Eagle's Canyon, sometimes coined with the moniker of "Buzzard's Gulch" for unknown reasons, has never seemed to be a racer's favorite track in the wet or cold conditions. For the Solo 30 race on Saturday however, two young racers found a way to enjoy it among a field of others who may or may not share their enthusiasm.
    During Saturday's practice the rain did fall. It was obvious ...