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  1. Smokin'! Solo 30 Two-Smokers Give Exciting Performance!

    I don't know if there was anything more interesting going on during this Solo 30 race last Saturday, and neither should anyone else. While we're keenly aware that there are more racers on the grid in various classes during this competition, the top three in F5 and overall put out effort that resulted in a race worthy of comparison to Moto2 or Moto3!
    During the 30 minute race the lead was ...
  2. Interminable desire meets consistent fluidity in Solo 30 race at Hallett!

    I'm going to smack Taylor Myers with a nickname; I don't think he's got one and something just came to mind. While attempting to find a Muse and articulate something fitting of his performance at Hallett, I was struck.The most oft used and abused adjective for a fast rider is "smooth". Sometimes I'm not sure what "smooth" is because it's used as a synonym these days for "fast" ...
  3. "Mercury" Myers and "Nicky D", 2-smoke the competition at ECR in the rain.

    Eagle's Canyon, sometimes coined with the moniker of "Buzzard's Gulch" for unknown reasons, has never seemed to be a racer's favorite track in the wet or cold conditions. For the Solo 30 race on Saturday however, two young racers found a way to enjoy it among a field of others who may or may not share their enthusiasm.
    During Saturday's practice the rain did fall. It was obvious ...
  4. Season Finale', Solo 30, TWS

    At what is rumored to be the final Solo 30 race for the CMRA, two racers put on what could be the most exciting race of the weekend. Taylor "Mercury" Myers and Nick "NIcky D" Doolan were nose to tail, back and forth, on the 1.8 mile TWS short course for the entire 30 minutes.

    Friday practice gave two RS65 mounted racers a chance for a final size-up before the season ...
  5. Great season for Road & Track racers

    R&T Suspension would like to congratulate all of the racers who ran the CMRA series in 2012. We are looking forward to seeing all of you in 2013.

    R&T Suspension sponsored three Novice classes in 2012 and would like to thank all of the racers who participated in those classes.

    Road and Track Formula 1 novice
    1st Bobby Davies
    2nd Greg Gilstrap
    3rd Will Zamora

    Road and Track Formula 2 novice
    1st Patrick Kelly
    2nd Ben Jones
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