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    Q. Where can I get a copy of the CMRA Rule book and Race Entry Forms?
    A. From our website on the forms page.

    Q. Where do I take the CMRA License School and how much does it cost?
    A. The CMRA License School is available on Friday at CMRA events. For 2018 the school is also available at RideSmart Motorcycle School, Sport Rider Coaching and VonHertell events. Check their schedule for available dates. The License School costs $85.00 plus the cost of the track day event.

    Q. Does my bike have to be safety wired to take the rider's school?
    A. Your bike must have the oil drains, fillers and filters safety wired. Some kind of oil containment lower fairing will also be required (turkey pans will be allowed for license school bikes only).

    Q. What class would I race in?
    A. That depends on your experience level and the particular bike that you will be racing. Refer to the 2018 CMRA rulebook and the 2018 Class Courtesy Guide. Additional helpful information can be found on the forms page.

    Q. Why haven't I received my CMRA license card in the mail?
    A. It takes a couple of weeks to produce the license cards. Until you receive your CMRA license card in the mail, your copy of the bottom portion of your license application will serve as a temporary license. Don't lose it; you'll be asked to show it when you register for races. If you are a Provisional Novice, you will not receive a license card until you have completed all four of your requirements (two days of cornerworking and two race weekends without crashing).

    Q. How can I get my old number back? How can I get a particular number?
    A. Each year, license renewal applications will be emailed out to all licensed riders at the beginning of November. All riders will have until the January 1st deadline to renew their license to retain their competition number. Beginning January 2nd, all numbers which have not been renewed become available on a first come, first serve basis. This is based on the order in which license applications have been received in the CMRA office.