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  1. **UPDATE** We will have Dustin, Doug, and JC...


    We will have Dustin, Doug, and JC coaching same day. This is our 3rd annual Labor Day event so we might as well make it extra special!
  2. Cresson - Labor Day 2020 (September 7) - With Dustin Dominguez and Doug Frenchak

    Hello Everyone,

    We have another day coming up at MSR C with some awesome coaches!

    If you have ever wanted to see what you could learn from guys like Dustin Dominguez and Doug Frenchak ......
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    MSR Cresson and COTA


    We have a trackday at MSR Cresson
    28 riders per group
    Advanced Group 1:35 and below
    we DO bump people down (becaues we are not over crowded)

    It's "just a track" format

    We also...
  4. - will be at MSRH on Memorial Day May 25, 2020

    We just got cleared from the track.

    Basic Covid Prevention will be in place

    Otherwise sign ups are going quick!
  5. MSR Cresson June 6-7 is up on web site now

    #GetFast* * #GetLow* * #DragKnee

    Everyone!* We are excited to let everybody know that our March 23 event was rescheduled and we got a FULL WEEKEND June 6-7.*

    We will be running the "Just a...
  6. 3:16 Trackdays MSR Cresson June 6/7

    Hello All,

    I had a great call with my friends at MSR Cresson yesterday.

    We will definitely be going on sale for June 6/7 on May 1st

    Saturday will be Format #3 and Sunday Format #2 see this...
  7. 3:16 Trackdays at MSR Cresson 1.7 CCW March 23, 2020

    We are a month away from our first Superbike Camp at that Cresson 1.7

    3.5 x 1 Hour Sessions

    Licensed Racers who do not want coaching are welcome to come and use these long sessions to dial in...
  8. 3:16 Trackdays 2020 Season and NEWS

    Hi All,

    Our full season is posted on

    Something NEW is we will have a COTA Event and thanks to our friend Keith Hertell we will have a CMRA Licensing School at COTA...
  9. Labor Day Weekend - spots available

    Hi All!!

    sign up at

    Labor Day Weekend is coming we have 2 trackdays on the same day.

    Cresson 1.3 only 28 riders per group (2 groups) 1 hour sessions, tons of...
  10. 3:16 Trackdays Statsus for this weekend 8/3 and 8/4

    We still have some room but a few groups are sold out.

    Go to

    We close sign ups at 12pm tomorrow

    We don't take walk ups

    Absolutely No "cash in hand discounts" we don't...
  11. 8/3 and 8/4 at MSRH for "Advanced Riders"

    Hey All,

    Sign Up at

    Our beginner group is just about sold out. but ... if you are a racer we have something for you.

    8/3/19 - "Respect the Craft" is coached by...
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    Don't Be Scared


    CMRA is mostly men about 98% and there are some women. Men don't like change or things that are new, we are creatures of habit. We like what we know and stick with what we know.

    At the...
  13. June 1 - Light weight is cancelled

    Changing it to be an intro group

    Thanks :)
  14. Format Change for remaining "Test and Train" Days - August 4th no more Lightweight

    We will keep the format for "Love to Ride" and "Respect the Craft" the majority of riders who come to those events (all the way to podium level Novices) love the format.

    For the "Test and Train"...
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    No worries it's the way it works

    No worries it's the way it works
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    should be no problem, let's see how it is ...

    should be no problem, let's see how it is

    right now there are only 3 people signed up in advanced =\ .... on a SATURDAY ...
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    Look for JUNE 1

    Look for JUNE 1
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    OK Y'all Right now we have 2 people signed up...

    OK Y'all

    Right now we have 2 people signed up for light weight, and 2 people signed up for advanced (they are gonna have an empty track)

    I have like 14 people in the "experienced" group
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    Hello All just a reminder 1) No beginners at...

    Hello All just a reminder

    1) No beginners at these days

    2) Dedicated Light Weight Group

    3) Advanced is big bikes who are under 1:55

    4) 28 Riders Per Group
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    Maybe a temp glitch I am able to bring it up let...

    Maybe a temp glitch I am able to bring it up let me know
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    June 1 "Test and Train" Update

    Sign Ups at

    We started getting sign ups for this date which is very exciting.

    I was able to save a little bit of $ on operations so I am going to reduce the number of...
  22. Some "Mentor" Announcements for 3:16 Trackdays

    The idea of "mentor" was built off the TXSR organization where experienced riders help newer riders learn, get gear, and give advice.

    The result was fantastic, TXSR has several thousand active...
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    Made a Mistake Not everyone was 100% onboard...

    Made a Mistake

    Not everyone was 100% onboard it was like 70% Yes and 30% no, however the comments really helped some good comments were;

    "experts have to get around slower people at races...
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    3:16 Test and Train Days Update


    Thanks for the positive feedback. It's all been great input and it looks like everyone is onboard with uniting the community as a whole by not separating the practice from trackday guys. ...
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