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Thread: Results Corrections

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    Results Corrections

    The results posted shown my F-40 Expert finish at the last Hallett as 3rd, it should have been 2nd. A protest was filed at the track but I have received no response.

    Also, my 1st place finish at MSR (same class)keeps getting changed to 3rd each time the new results are posted.

    Permanant corrections would be truly appreciated.

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    Re: Results Corrections

    what kind of protest can you file in F-40....that yer really 39? I'd take that as a compliment hahah.

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    Norm McDonald

    Re: Results Corrections

    Steve: I just sent Charles a note to make the correction on the points the MSR results are correct. I also ask him to check on your protest.I thought we had the points right 4 or 5 weeks ago. Sorry but we'll get it straighten out. Thanks Norm

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    Norm McDonald

    Re: Results Corrections

    Steve the points and results have been corrected Your protest was denied, the scorers both said it was a close finish but they seen you as third. The race director had to take the way the scorers seen it. Norm

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    Re: Results Corrections

    Thank you, Norm. I appreciate your help.

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    Re: Results Corrections

    Norm, the season results from TWS are now posted and, once again, the MSR results are incorrect (this happens every month). The webmaster has had to manually correct it each time. Do you know where the master file resides such that it could be corrected? Thanks for your help!

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    Re: Results Corrections

    I believe I am in possesion of 'the master file'.
    I will try to make a permanent fix.
    Last time, the webmaster fixed it so fast, I thought it was fixed.

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