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Thread: change request to race order for next season

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    change request to race order for next season

    I'd like to request a change to the race order for next season. The change would be to have Lightweight Superbike and SuperSingles run separately. Perhaps move SuperSingles to the race (usually #8) with GP Singles and Mid Sportsman.

    Basically what I'm trying to accomplish is to actually run three races during a weekend, and be relatively competitive in two of those. As the rules are currently written the air-cooled, 676cc Wood-Rotax I will be running next season is legal in Lightweight Grand Prix, Lightweight Superbike, SuperSingles and Heavyweight Sportsman. When I go back and look at this season's results, the first three of these classes seem to make sense for the Wood-Rotax to run in, but Heavyweight Sportsman does not. The bikes running in Heavyweight Sportsman are 1200cc twin air-cooled Buells, and 700c twin water-cooled SV's. Of the remaining classes, Lightweight Superbike and SuperSingles are run together. That would leave me with only two races to actually run.

    Another option would be for CCS to reconsider the performance indexing of the Wood-Rotax into Heavyweight Sportsman. That change seems unlikely, thus my request to change the running order.

    Thanks for the consideration. I'm happy to discuss this with any of you at Cresson, via e-mail or phone.

    Scott King

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    Re: change request to race order for next season

    Well worded request.
    You make a good case for it also.

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    Re: change request to race order for next season

    Scott, thanks for making these points. I race in the same classes with a single and I would like to have an opportunity to race in as many events as possible next season. My Yamaha-powered Tigcraft single is classified this season as a Midwt. Sportsman. I called Kevin Elliott and he said that he was considering moving the little bike to Heavyweight Sportsman next season. Unbelieveable, unless there is some region in the country being dominated by singles. Maybe we could be given an example. These are relatively inexpensive bikes to race and I would like to see more people encouraged to give them a try. Who knows, after your success next season, the singles may have to run Unlimited GP!

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    Re: change request to race order for next season

    You can count 1 more single in for next year,just got Dustin one...We would like to see supersingles and lwtsuperbike split up also.

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