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Thread: Changes to Middleweight Mini?

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    Changes to Middleweight Mini?

    During Mini races on Sunday morning at the season final at Cresson there was an announcment reguarding possible changes in some of the Mini classes because of low turnout in some classes during the season. The announcment specifically mentioned Ultra Lightweight Sportsman but the announcer also stated other poorly populated classes would be reviewed. We ran Ryan Andrew's old KX60 powered RS in Middleweight Mini in Endurance and Sprints this year and our class deffinitely had some low turnouts during the season especially in the endurance class. Just wanted to check with you guys and find out if there are any planned changes in that class before we spend a bunch rebuilding it for that class over the winter.
    Kent Ferrell #540

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    Re: Changes to Middleweight Mini?

    I would not worry about the mini classes.
    The ones up for review are the CCS classes.
    Ultra Lightweight Sportsman and Lightweight Sportsman Am/Ex (this could go back to combined)

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