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Thread: Paging...... Nancy Selleck

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    Paging...... Nancy Selleck

    Hi Nancy. Its Tony Rodio. I still have not received my licencse renewal.
    My address is 5220 Larkin
    Houston,Tx 77007
    My # is 832 640 6464 cell#
    Thank You
    Tony Rodio CMRA# 555

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    Re: Paging...... Nancy Selleck

    Tony, I can either send you another one or you can download one from our website:

    The license application/renewal is on that page in a pdf format.

    Let me know what you'd like to do.

    By the way, it's easier to get ahold of me by direct email or phone. I don't always see all the notes on the message board.

    Nancy Selleck
    Retired CMRA Administrator (October 2002 - March 2009, March 2010 - July 2018)

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    Re: Paging...... Nancy Selleck

    Please send me one! I thought I could fill it out on-line. But I see now that you have to print it and send it in.( I dont have a printer hooked up to my lap top,Sorry )My address is above in the earlier post. Thanks Nancy.
    Tony Rodio CMRA# 555

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