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    Please put critical information being conveyed to racers or CMRA members in the Announcement section of the messsage board and have Jess set it up as a "sticky note" so it always stays on top and cannot be replied to.

    This will prevent important information from being lost amongst the dribble on the main message board and diluted with everyone's opinions. People can still discuss these topics on the main message board, but the information being conveyed by the BOD or their designated representative remains pristine and prominantly displayed in a location where it can be found quickly and easily.

    Please remember that many members do not visit the board on a daily basis and do not have the time to filter through all the messages and discussion on the main message board in hopes of stumbling onto important information - such as new tech requirements, license renewal information, track closures or sudden schedule changes, etc.

    Feel free to contact me if you have questions.


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    Re: PLEASE!

    I second this motion!

    And again would suggest sending blanket emails out on important issues like "Oak Hill Clean Up Days". Even in this day of wireless technological gadgetry, there are plenty of people who don't /won't/can't check the message board very often.

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    Norm McDonald

    Re: PLEASE!

    Chris: This is a good idea, I'll pass it on to the BOD. The reason we've been slow answering is all of us have been very busy getting everything ready for the race season. With all new personal it's been a big job. Norm

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    Re: PLEASE!

    You are absolutely correct. We do need a place for announcements. We will get on it as soon as the weekend is over.


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    Re: PLEASE!

    There's VERY important contingency information here for the upcoming season. Can you find it?;f=1

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    Re: PLEASE!

    Found some of it I'm sure, but did you find it ALL? Keep's all buried in there somewhere.

    Here's what I DON'T want to hear AGAIN at tech any time during the season. "What do you mean you didn't know you were supposed to have that? It was on the message board."

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    Re: PLEASE!

    Sticky Topics are in the next version of the UBB code coming out soon.

    Good point about using the annoucements sections. I'll see if I can start moving stuff to that area.

    Jesse Johnson

    BBS admin

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