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Thread: New wall in turn 6 at Oakhill

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    New wall in turn 6 at Oakhill

    There is a new tire wall in turn 6. I have run off there before and was able to return to the track. Can't do that now. 'Had to ditch the bike or hit the wall. I know there is a tree... couldn't the wall be smaller just to protect from tree impact?

    Other riders had the same problem. Any thoughts, other than "stay on the track" [img]/ubbthreads/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif[/img]
    Tommy Thompson

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    Re: New wall in turn 6 at Oakhill

    This isn't a slam, I promise, but if I can remember the tree placement correctly what
    are you doing running off there? The tree's are
    straight or a bit to the right. You'd have to not
    even be making a effort to turn in. And actually the whole area is much smaller then it was
    before. We trimmed back / cut down several tree's
    from that area. The only new wall I can think of is before the turn in point and it needs
    to be long enough to stand up by itself.


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    Re: New wall in turn 6 at Oakhill

    When I ran off my front lever was taken off by a rider turning in while passing on the right. As you can imagine...That makes braking impossible. Now do you understand?

    Why not a "V" shaped protective wall? I could have missed that easily. It would Stand up better. have never run off in 6. (Down-hill off-camber)
    Tommy Thompson

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    Re: New wall in turn 6 at Oakhill

    That tire wall covers a rather large tree, some stumps from a tree or two we cut down, debris, and rocks. It was as small as we could make it and still cover these things from the possible entry angles we could figure.
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    Re: New wall in turn 6 at Oakhill

    OK, Thanks for you reply. I need to be totally solid on this turn and enter more from the outside probably. That way riders attempting a pass will take an inside line. Crap! Now I'm going to be punted off the track!
    Tommy Thompson

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    Re: New wall in turn 6 at Oakhill

    Hey guys,

    I have run off there twice. I once lowsided and just crashed straight as I tucked the front under brakes, and the other I got punted off the track in a 600SS race from an inside stuff by Larry Locklear. On the later, I was able to stand the bike up and run off the track without crashing. With the new tire wall, it would not be possible. Troy Green ran off the track in six in front of me and HAD to lock up the front to induce a lowside or he would have hit the tirewall at almost full speed and possibly launched over the the wall into the tree. It was ugly.

    OK, I am opening my big fat mouth, so I will bring two volunteers with me to reduce the tire exposure (under the diretion of the CMRA) so that a racer has a chance to "run it out" rather than be forced to "ditch it".

    Let me know,
    Marcus McBain
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    Re: New wall in turn 6 at Oakhill

    Whoa, big fella. Give us a chance to take a look at the situation before we get some well intentioned volunteers involved.
    We were told about Troy's experience and that was all it took to get our attention. The idea is to balance rider safety with common sense. I promise that before we race again at OHR, every consideration will be given to his equation.
    Thanks to all of you for the heads-up and offer to help. You will probably get that chance before long.

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    Re: New wall in turn 6 at Oakhill

    Thanks Marcus and Brooks. I am positive I would not have crashed if the wall was smaller or not there. I certainly don't want anyones life to be in danger just because I don't like the new wall. You guys know more about the safety issues than I. Sorry you had the same misfortune, Troy.
    Tommy Thompson

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    Re: New wall in turn 6 at Oakhill

    I'm a big fan of attacking directly the root of a problem... Suggest cutting the raggedy old tree down flush with the ground.
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    Re: New wall in turn 6 at Oakhill

    I'd be happy to help. [img]/ubbthreads/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif[/img]
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