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    1000cc classes

    I would like the BOD to consider possible ways to add another 1000cc class for 2004. I know the last thing it seems like we need is to run another sprint class on Sunday, but I don't think the current class structure represents the direction the industry and racing in general is heading in.

    Manufacturers have obviously been shifting their emphasis to 1000cc inline fours lately. Next year it looks like there will be a revised R1, new ZX10, and a new Honda CBR1000 to compete with the GSXR1000. All the pro racing sanctioning bodies (AMA, MotoGP, WSB) are already running 1000cc as their premier class. The AMA will be changing the superstock class from 750cc to 1000cc for next year.

    As our current class structure stands, you can only run 2 sprint classes with a 1000cc inline four. And only ONE class if you are superbike spec. Guys like James Compton, who runs a shop out of my place, don't even want to show up to run just one race on Sunday with their bikes. I'm looking at getting a ZX10 and going superbike next year (no - I won't be the rider) but I don't want to do it for only one sprint race per weekend.

    I would like to see another premiere class for these top-level machines. Something like a Formula One class that we ran back in the day. I don't care what its called, but do something to make it a premier class that the spectators look forward to. Anybody remember Nicky & the other top 5 riders coming back around to pit lane for quick interviews after the old Formula 1 races? I think these new 1000's will be the bikes the fans come to see.

    I think there are a couple other classes that are candidates for extinction. Who actually runs a 600cc superbike? I can't recall seeing one at the track, so I think that class primarily exists to give the 600cc riders a chance to run an additional class. But they can already ride up to at least 4 different classes, and be fairly competitive. Also, there is only ONE 750cc racebike manufactured anymore. I don't have the answer here, just a couple possibilities. But I would like the BOD to consider our class structure in regards to 1000cc fours.

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    Re: 1000cc classes

    I'm glad that you asked this Bill, this could definitely help my decision for a bike for next yr. Was gonna get an 03 750 but with all the changes happening, I decided to wait and see what happens with the rules/guidelines.

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    Re: 1000cc classes

    I agree. Two races is hardly worth the effort and expense to get there.
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    Re: 1000cc classes

    It used to be that a 1000 could run in 3 classes.

    A Production
    A Superbike
    Formula One

    With the production class gone, it is very difficult. As someone that rides a 1000, I have to say the GT weekends are the most enjoyable as I can get 30 or more racing laps in over 3 races.

    I don't see a solution to this UNLESS we (CMRA) choose to do something like changing the Unl GP race into a two-leg race (i.e. Race 5 & Race 12) and provide the purse money over combined finishes. The only issue is that this would change the class structure to accomodate 4 or 5 riders. I will also say there are riders like Tim King that regularly showed up on his R-1, but quit racing because he could not ride his 1000 in but two classes. There is probably some "chicken and egg" things with this idea though...

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