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    trophy pickup

    If I didn't pick up a trophy at the Hallett race, can I still pick it up at the next race, at TWS? I thought I was racing to stay out of dead last, found out the next week I took 3rd place. If I can't my loss. But if I can I will gladly make plans to pick it up at the next race. Thank you for your time and effort at the races, this old fart racer is having the time of my life.

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    Re: trophy pickup

    I got your message, Anthony, but I have been swamped and have not gotten back to you. Check with me at TWS. I do not know what trophies I do have in the CMRA trailer.


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    Norm McDonald

    Re: trophy pickup

    Anthony. What race were you in? I'll see if I brought it back to Tulsa. If I did we'll bring it to TWS. Norm

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    Re: trophy pickup

    Thankyou Norm and Barry, for your quick responce to my question. The race was # 15 lightweight sportman am. 3rd place. Thank you again for all your work at and away from the races.

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