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Thread: Kawasaki Contingency Dates

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    Kawasaki Contingency Dates

    This just in from Sue Graff at Kawasaki:

    Here are the race dates we have chosen
    for 2004 contingency:

    April 3-4 @ Oak Hill Raceway
    May 1-2 @ MotorSport Ranch
    May 21-23 @ Hallett Motor Racing Circuit
    June 19-20 @ Texas World Speedway
    August 28-29 @ MotorSport Ranch
    September 25-26 @ Oak Hill Raceway

    Our 2004 contingency registration forms will be available next week and will be shipped to you after we receive them. Let me know if you need
    anything else.
    Sue Graff
    Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A.
    Team Green/Contingency
    Phone (949) 770-0400 ext. 2225
    Fax (949) 460-5612
    Nancy Selleck
    Retired CMRA Administrator (October 2002 - March 2009, March 2010 - July 2018)

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    Re: Kawasaki Contingency Dates

    The CMRA events shown on the Kawasaki contingency page are different than the ones shown here. Can you clarify this?

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    Re: Kawasaki Contingency Dates

    Nevermind - I just noticed that they haven't updated the information from 2003 on their website.

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