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Thread: Halffast at MSR Round 6 BOOOOOM!!

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    Halffast at MSR Round 6 BOOOOOM!!

    I usually start off with my report, but this time I would like to give my thanks first!!!
    Thank you to our Lord and Savior, with out Him; none of our accomplishments would be possible!!! Thank you to Track Junkie Racing, almost any part you need, they can get, Just send Larry a message. GnS Racing Transport, my dad has done a lot for my team, Thank you Dad, I love you. Thanks to Ridesmart Motorcycle School, Great Track day provider!!! P1 Racing- Brandon did an awesome dialing the bike in!! John Hutchinson at South Central Race Center, Tires were like glue. And thank you to Scott G. from 3KS for being there for anything we needed during our endurance race. Thank you to Mr. P, for helping figure out the gremlins in our bike, thing had me worried.

    Halffast had the honor of delivering the sponsorship money from HPC to the top racers; it was awesome to be able to be in the mix with the admin work!!
    And Congratulations to our Brother Brawp group for making Road Racing Magazine!!!

    On this trip we were a lonely group of three, Mark, Joey and Ryan. Missing our 4th team member Ivan Fuentes, who had last minute issues prohibit him from racing with us in Cresson. But he will be there at TWS!!!!!. Mark and I arrived Thursday night to get a good spot and set up all our gear. Friday Mark had practice on the 1.7 track, and struggled all day until the last session where things finally came together for him. Then Mark and I hit the 1.3 track for an hour to practice the mini track. All went well and he felt good, except for all the seams on the track.
    Ryan showed up on Friday night with his brother Chris, our extra pit man!!. Saturday morning came and Ryan and Mark had two 30-minute practice sessions in the morning. Mark and I raced in ESS on our 250’s and Mark got another great 4th and I managed a 10th place. Then we ran the next race, Mark raced his 1969 Cb160 in the f5 and I ran my NSF100 in the f7 class. Mark got 2nd and I got a first place. Then the F4 race came for be again back-to-back. Thanks to Chris (Ryan’s brother) and Ryan for switching the transponder over and taking the warmers off. I was running in 11th place, but had a run off when the front end would not hold the line. So I ended up in 13th place.
    As soon as my F4 race was done I had Ryan run the bike to Brandon at P1 Racing to adjust the suspension, he made some adjustments and sent us on our way. THE BIKE HANDLED AWESOME.
    So now the 4-Hour Endurance race is about to begin, and Our Team Captain starts the race for us, Mark Shim. Mark started the race with a level head and chose his spots carefully and got us up to 12th place by the end of his stint. Then came our much-anticipated Rykoson for the second leg. With only 1 hour of practice on this track, Ryan was able to figure the line out quickly and was able to run some decent 1:18’s. Then I ran my stent and managed to stay on the bike for 1 hour 10 minutes. Our pit stops on our last race were around 4 minutes and down to a little over 2 minutes for this race thanks to our team organization and new quick fill unit. Ryan went on a second stent after mine was over and he is the one who went into beast mode and ran 1 hour 20 minutes when we called him in. He was able to bring his times down to 1:16’s. And now it was time for Mark to bring it home, he ran the last 40 minutes of the race, and was able to chase down the team ahead of us and give us our 5TH PLACE FINISH. We finished the race 5th out of 25 teams. We all had a blast and can’t wait for the next race at TWS, Look out for Halffast Baby !!!!!!

    Joey- ESS-10th, F4-13h, F7-1st,
    Mark- ESS-4th, F5-2nd, SSB-19th, SSC-14th
    Halffast Endurance team 5th out of 25

    And a video from our boy Rykoson!!!

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    Good job guys!
    Heinz Roy
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    Congrats! I'll be keeping an eye out for that red beast at TWS.

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    What a blast it was to rip it on those minis!!!

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    We're always there to help you guys out, and anyone else for that matter. Congratulations on a great event!

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    Thanks again Scott!! Was really honored to be pitted by ya...your kids are gonna go far!!! Hope they stick with it!

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