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That bike would be eligible for the following classes F40-Middleweight or F40 HW, F40 LW, Modern Classic, B-SB, C-SB, A-SB, F2, and Heavyweight twins.....you could add SS classes if you change to DOT race tires.

Not eligible for D SBK nor LTW twins as Jordan mentioned above.

My advice is to run F2, HWT or Modern Classic, F40 LW, & maybe C SB for Sundays

On saturdays you could run Solo 30's or T60's in the LW classes since they use F2 rules!

I have a Duc 749!
I say run F40 Mwt too...yeah sorry I forgot F40 Lwt is running based on F2 rules, but still needs WW approval as it expressly says in F2, the 749 must run under ss rules.