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Thread: What's behind your number?

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    858 is a SoCal area code for the place where I met my wife and for our first home phone together.
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    My number plate most days!

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    Some interesting responses. My birthday is in October and I've always been #10 in hockey and other sports. I knew 110 would be available because the person using it before me was changing to his preferred number the same year I got my license. Plus the 1's being thin make things easier sometimes.

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    I originally wanted 210 for my area code but then decided I would run 204 in honor of Scott Zampach one of my favorite racers on an 86 gsxr750. Not only was the number available but didn't really see where anybody has run it. Correct me if I'm wrong because I would be interested in knowing who else has run 204 besides me in the CMRA.

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    I didn't pick 242. 242 picked me.
    Lol jk. I wanted the number 42 cause it's the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything. But can't have a 2 digit number until expert. So I picked 242 because it had 42 in it and cause I like the band Front 242.
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    My first 3 choices were 512, 420, 187.
    512 because I live in Austin, and the others just because of pop culture.

    Unfotunately there was a race weekend a couple days after my app was submitted, so the numbers were taken.
    My second three were 969, 696, 599. The first Two just because of the flip-flop numbers, 599 for the cc's of my bike.

    599 was the only one available.

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    Shandra Crawford
    when I was in cali, I had 357, for my favorite caliber gun. However, I've noticed people tend to squat on that number, especially here, so I settled for 457 here, because it's a bigger caliber ;).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shandra Crawford View Post
    when I was in cali, I had 357, for my favorite caliber gun. However, I've noticed people tend to squat on that number, especially here, so I settled for 457 here, because it's a bigger caliber ;).
    Should have gone with 88...

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    Post Vietnam (I was never in country) I got an honorable USAF 13 month early out discharge to separate on a Friday the 13th, I think about having the Air Force move the date from the 13th, but figured if they are letting me go it's gotta be a great day. Lots of great 13's in my life. My first grand baby Brooklyn (the "G-Baby" btw) was born on April 13. Everyone at the hospital was hoping for the 12th. But I knew better. (sorry Kristen I know it was rough going the extra distance) So my sprint number is 413. The G-Baby Racing Endurance team is 13. G-Baby Racing won a national championship on the 13th race weekend in the year in 2013. I've never bought a lottery ticket.

    Oh yeah I forgot I always go for row 13 on the airplane
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Dugger View Post
    I want the most "1"s possible because it's easier to place on the bike and on the signs required.
    This ^^^. I used to have 171 but didn't renew one year and Dean took it. Then I just went to 151 because it was available.

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