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Thread: 06 r6 tach not working

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    06 r6 tach not working

    When I first turn the key on the tach makes the full cycle but jumps around on the cycle then when you start the bike no matter what rpm the bike is at the tach is stuck on 2k.. What could be the cause of this??

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    Check the wire connections to make sure nothing's loose, and the connectors are all fitting together good. Same thing was happening on my 05. Turned out the 6-pin connector that plugs it into the main wire harness wasn't getting a good connection. Wiggled it around and it worked. Had to replace it since the old one was a little mangled from a crash. $10 part.

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    The tach wire is the yellow/black wire coming off the gauge cluster and it goes to a plug under the tank. Check that wire.

    I believe small white triangular plug.

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