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    The - A Superbike Expert Award is a paid out randomly each weekend. They wanted to set it up that way so they could spread the award around and not just to the top 3 finishers each weekend. See Class Sponsors Payout Info here:

    For TWS the awards went to:

    Brandon Young - $65
    Jeff Wrobel - $50
    Jack Vigneau - $35

    Congrats everyone and don't forget to come by Registration to get your race entry vouchers!
    Nancy Selleck
    Retired CMRA Administrator (October 2002 - March 2009, March 2010 - July 2018)

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    Thanks Nancy for posting this!
    ***RACERS*** All you have to do is grid up and you could have $$$ in your pocket
    You must also have 212 Decals listed as a sponsor and you must have our decals on your bike.
    Decals can be found in tech or just email us if you need some.

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