I just wanted to post up my support for Walter Walker, Nancy Selleck, Steve McNamara, John Orchard, Jim Dugger and the rest of the board.

The insults, personal attacks, and general disrespect on this forum for these people is disturbing and shameful. How they react to all this is a testament to each and every one of their characters.

Speaking about Walter in particular - my direct experience working with him tells me he's reasonable, hardworking, fair, and honest. We're lucky to have someone with his experience and work ethic as the Race Director. Someone who can make the tough calls and stand his ground, yet still be open to consider other viewpoints.

In fact he works very hard to be fair to each and every racer out there....we've had many conversations about it in scoring. I guess that's one of the reasons I find it so hard to understand all these people that seem to be gunning for him.

And the giving these board members all this grief?? These are racers, who wanted to give something back to the club. Now they're doing a hard job, where you will never satisfy everyone, where people will question your motivation, question your character, and question every single one of your actions. All for free...no pay. I salute all who even entertain that idea.

I think a little respect, professionalism, and understanding when bringing up grievances is well deserved.