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Thread: 2014 Honda CBR 500 $5000

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    2014 Honda CBR 500 $5000

    repost(see note at bottom as to why)....2014 Honda CBR 500 completely set-up for an endurance team or the sprinter who needs every spare know to man. Bike has clear title and approx. 3ooo miles. Well maintained and set-up with all the right parts, including: Ohlins, AK, vortex, Power Commander, etc...etc...etc... All this bike needs is a paint job to the new bodywork, some repairs of other two sets and new paint.

    Chassis spares:
    Wheel set w(front and rear rotors)
    2 sprocket carriers
    New Leo pipe
    New hand controls, switches, levers, perch, and master cylinder
    New clutch and throttle cables
    New Spark plug caps and coils
    New Ceramic Wheel bearings , new oem swingarm bearings
    2 additional sets of bodywork(one new, unpainted)
    OEM tank w quick-fill
    Extra OEM tank with stock cap(small custom dent for no extra charge!)
    New subframe
    New chain w lots of extra gearing
    New fairing stay

    Motor spares:
    Used motor compression tested to approx. 200 psi
    New Spark plug caps and coils
    New clutch basket w plates
    New Gaskets, valves, valve springs, etc...
    New rods and rod bearings
    New main bearings and transmission bearing
    New radiator

    If I read the 2017 rulebook correctly the 500 may soon again be the "premier" bike for the 2018 ULWE series. Get a couple of fast riders and buy this bike and you and your team could potentially stand atop the podium box for race class and overall wins.

    Contact: Derek Thomas 469-226-4369
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    And do I see a newly formed Ladies only 500 class. Just to let you know, I'm an equal opportunity seller.

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    I guess moneys tight for everyone...I get it! Just cannot believe that I've had no serious interest. I'll be gathering and placing prices on my spares and will post itemized list this weekend. If you are in need of cbr 500 parts oem new or like new condition(from my listed spares), let me know...Thanks!

    FYI...the Leo pipe is without a can....BTW they don't make this pipe anymore, only the can.


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    Quote Originally Posted by jeremiah moreno View Post
    PM sent
    Answered your question.

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