Hey guys, just wanted to put the word out about my 2013 Daytona 675R that was stolen in Houston on Monday, March 13th. The bike was in my track day trailer which was stolen so I pretty much lost everything I had for the track. The bike is white and has a taylormade exhaust, aftermarket levers, triumph case covers, frame sliders, etc. The last 4 of the VIN are: 8534

I still have the keys to the bike so whoever stole it will either have to get it re-keyed or just part it out. I'm guessing they will do the latter but I've put the word out to area dealerships to be on the lookout just in case someone tries to get it re-keyed.

I'm offering a $2500 reward for info that leads to the return of the intact bike and another $2500 for info leading to the intact trailer. Here's the link to the Craigslist posting for more info about the bike and the trailer (including a few pics) as well as how to contact me directly:


Thanks for reading and hopefully someone out there can make themselves $2500 richer and help me get my bike back!