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Thread: Honda RS85 For Sale

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    Honda RS85 For Sale

    Honda RS85 setup for GP shifting and has a brand new set of Bridgestone 125 GP tires.

    The body has some wear and tear but all fairing pieces are in tact ... nothing a few stickers can't cover up!

    There are approximately 4-5 hours on the engine. It was built by Kerry Kling in Augusta Ga. The only thing that stayed the same in that engine was the cases. New crank, rod, piston, cylinder, and head. Also has a new clutch in it too because the old one had a crack. This bike has only run on race fuel.

    Includes extra parts - numerous sprockets, engine cases, and a variety of accessories.

    I also have two sets of racing leathers, boots, etc if interested.

    ASKING $2500 ... Bike is worth well over $3500.

    I can email pictures if interested.

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    Sent a pm, can you email me pics please

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