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Thread: 2003 Honda XR115 for sale after Houston...

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    2003 Honda XR115 for sale after Houston...

    up for sale is My Honda XR115. Engine is built to 115cc with a kitaco cylinder and piston. Has Kitaco high flow oil pump and heavy duty timing chain. Has a 24mm carb fitted and jetted correctly. 17X1.4 Excel TAKASAGO front rim 17X 2.5 Excel TAKASAGO rear rim. The bike has BT45's new this season. Also a pair of B'stone slicks that fit the rims better than the BT45's. KX 80 front forks with disc brake. New fork seals and fresh fork oil beginning 2016 season. EBC Front brake pads were new 2016 season. Steel braided brake line new this year. Works performance rear shock. Dont know what weight the shock is set up for. I am about 185 - 190 with gear; and the spring pre- load is fully maxed out.
    The bike is fitted with a BBR frame brace; great piece of kit! that doubles as a "belly pan'. CR80 clutch perch. Lightened flywheel! really improves quicker spin up for the engine, Very revvy engine. Oil changed after every race weekend. Rotella 15/40. comes with a new front brake disc.

    Bike is legal in TMGP and is fun at the kart tracks, I raced this set up and enjoyed the bike.

    I've been racing last two seasons with CMRA (with a Takagawa egnine installed) and its been a fun bike on the big tracks.

    1600 dollars. thanks for looking

    817-832-2827 text only please

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    One bump thanks for looking

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    Great bike for the price! Wish I had room in the garage for one more! Good luck with the sale Raymond!
    Heinz Roy
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    Hey Heinz! Missed you at the last couple of rounds. Hope y'all are doing well. Thanks for the props on the bike.
    Take it easy

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    Surprised it's not sold. Nice bike.
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    Thanks Keith. Its been a fun bike and twice as nice because its legal at TMGP.
    Take it easy, Raymond

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    Please lock/close thread. The bike is off the market. Thanks for the bandwidth CMRA!

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