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Thread: Pirelli Diablo Rain Tires - Almost new, used once in practice session

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    Pirelli Diablo Rain Tires - Almost new, used once in practice session

    Be prepared with rain tires with these wet spring race months!

    Pirelli Diablo Rain Tires
    Made in Germany

    Front: 120/70 R17
    Date: 2116

    Rear: 190/60 R17
    Date: 2516

    $210 (120/70R17 SCR1)
    $205 (160/60R17 SCR1)
    $415 new

    Used in one CMRA practice session on an R6, never used in a race. Practically new. Selling for $300 obo.

    Spec Sheet

    Picture Links:

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    Reducing price from $300 to $200obo.

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    I guess no one needs a set of rain tires to have on hand as a just in case

    Any takers for $100? If not I guess they're going out on the curb next bulk pick!

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    pm sent.

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    ill take them for 100!

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    Tires are back on the market for sale; $100 for practically new rain tires! Was holding them for a friend for 2+ weeks and I don't know if that will close or not. I just want them out of my garage. So first person to pay me can have them. I might be going to Ridesmart cresson on 4/14 (depending on weather/rain) and could deliver them at that point. Or can deliver them around Austin.

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    Rain tires still available; $100 dollars. With this unpredictable spring Texas weather (raining this week), you can have a set ready to go if it rains at Hallet or another cmra event.

    Pirelli Diablo Rain Tires (Made in Germany)
    Front: 120/70 R17, Date: 2116
    Rear: 190/60 R17, Date: 2516
    $415 new

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    $100 delivered to NC?

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    Tires are sold. Thread can be locked down now. Thanks.

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