Only going to be bringing one bike to NOLA, so I have one spot open in the trailer. Also, one person that normally sleeps there will be in a hotel, so one of the fold down sofas/beds is available as well if you need a ride down as well.

Option A: bike transportation - $50 plus you provide the Pitbull TRS pins. I have the mount and bracket for the TRS, you will just need to provide the bike specific pins. The only exception is I have a set of pins for a 09-12 ZX6R, so you can use those if they fit your bike.

Option B: rider transportation - half the gas (I get about 8mpg) and you don't even have to drive. I plan on leaving early Thursday morning and driving back after my last race (#17) on Sunday.

Option C: Staying in the trailer - split the cost for groceries and the $40 for the utility hookup (total is 120 for the weekend, so your cost would be 40). You will have full access to the trailer, including fridge, kitchen, and bathroom as well as internal electrical outlets for charging your stuff. I already have spot 19, which is only about 6 spots away from the showers and pit-in/out.

I prefer to have one person for all 3 options. If you want all 3, there will be no charge for Option A

Disclaimer: I/we will also be pitted with John Rocha (has RV spot 20), JoJo Anaya, CoTorres Gee, and David Gonzalez. ;)