CMRA is mostly men about 98% and there are some women. Men don't like change or things that are new, we are creatures of habit. We like what we know and stick with what we know.

At the same time if I asked how many of you were scared to try a new track day you'd say (not me) I aint skeeered!

BUT - ... if I asked how many of you think OTHERS are scared almost all of you would say yes.

Women - they seek safety by nature and if they think guys are scared ... MOST (not all) women will steer clear of something if men are scared of it.

3:16 Trackdays is NEW but we have had 4 events already and if you go to our Facebook Page and read the reviews they are all good. We have reviews from first time track riders all the way to expert racers.

You are used to Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 that's all you know most likely unless you came from somewhere else outside of Texas.

The 3:16 Trackdays design completely different and might sound scary but IT WORKS!! We have had countless riders tell us at the track "this is the best track day ever"

It costs more ... that is true, you get more. You get more time on track, more personalized coaching, and LESS PEOPLE on the track.

We have had first timers (read the reviews) show up and end up falling in love with our days. We have at least 2 Reviews from very experienced and seasoned Expert Racers and they loved the days as well.

FEAR - is a liar, it creates doubt, it gets in your head and it prevents you from trying new things.

Don't be scared! We have had to date 4 Events, 207 Riders and 32 HOURS of riding almost non stop. In those 4 events only 5 bikes had to be picked up period (NOT PER DAY) ... that's an average of 1.25 PER DAY .... think about that ..

In addition our riders are getting lots of laps! I have had several riders hit 100 laps so if you do your cost per lap .... versus another organization then you really get to see the value.

Take A chance, go to our facebook page and read our reviews ... then sign up for August 3rd or 4th

Don't be scared CHANGE IS GOOD!

Sign Ups for August 3rd and 4th are already coming in