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Thread: 8/3 and 8/4 at MSRH for "Advanced Riders"

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    8/3 and 8/4 at MSRH for "Advanced Riders"

    Hey All,

    Sign Up at

    Our beginner group is just about sold out. but ... if you are a racer we have something for you.

    8/3/19 - "Respect the Craft" is coached by expert racers like JC Camacho, Doug Frenchak, Steven Shakespeare, Paul Garcia - who will work with only 4 people each for the day.

    8/4/19 - "Advanced" group still has spots for anyone on any bike below 2:00 times. There is a limit to 28 people max in this group.

    Thanks! And I hope to see many of you at the track!


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    ^^^Great format, tons of track time and super relaxed atmosphere^^^

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