I Bought this bike at the beginning of 2017 with the idea of doing track days after 18 years of strictly off road racing.

Bought the Suspension from Kyle Racing mid year. Did one trackday at MSR Houston with Ridesmart in April 2018. Was signed up for another Ridesmart trackday at COTA May 26th, but a freak bicycle accident the week before left me with a fractured hip, that still isn't fully healed. It's a waste of a bike like this to merely commute on, and at 50 and given my injury its not prudent to keep at the risk of dropping it trying to find the edge or grip on a track, or only ride it 3 or 4 times a year.

But it might be good for someone already into it, (who has a feel for the tires) or someone, not already too bashed up to get into riding. The suspension is quite fresh, and the bike is unmolested and not ill treated in any way. I'm Open to reasonable offers. Its a great bike and one of the non oil burning years for CBR1000rrs. Suspension and tuneability are very good with the extended fork caps.


I also have a new Alpinestars Motegi v2 one piece suit ( size 60 ) with matching boots, size 12, gloves, and back protector, I'd like to sell as well. My contact info can be found in the ad.

I'd much rather see it go to someone who's going to use the bike for what its made for rather than some wheelie popper or street drag racer.

Thanks for looking