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Thread: CMRA's CPA Year End Financial Statements

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    CMRA's CPA Year End Financial Statements

    Here are the most recent 3 years of the Central Motorcycle Roadracing Association Inc.'s CPA Year End Financial Statements. I will continuously updated as needed to keep the most recent 3 years. If you have any questions, please contact me or any Board member.



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    oh boy, so many questions...

    1. Ambulance Fees- it seems we pay this sometimes and other times we dont. Do we only pay when transported, or is there a flat cost? What does 'Ambulance Fees' mean to the club?
    2. What are 'cash awards', for $1200?
    3. What is the difference between weekend staff and contract workers? Who is who?
    4. Why do we have $14k in bank/cc fees. Is this interest, overdrawn accounts, cashier checks, account maintenance fees, brokerage fees etc? Seems like we could save $14k by evaluating our current banking situation.
    5. Professional Fees for $50k. I assume most of this had to do with litigation..are you able to share a breakdown of where this went?

    I have several more but will start with the list above. Thank you in advance!

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    Hi Zach - we're posting the information for everyone to view. We welcome questions and are happy to answer them and clarify, but I do ask that you follow the guidelines and send questions to Alex (or any Board member directly). It's not realistic or appropriate to hash through every detail or question on the message board.

    Since you asked the above questions, I can provide quick responses, but again, if there are additional questions, please shoot us an email.

    1. We have two ambulances at every event. Some rental agreements include one ambulance and some don't. We now manage our own ambulance agreements at each track. Pete Martins has done a great job with this and improved the overall services and reduce the costs a little bit.
    2. Cash awards are pass through from sponsors to the racer.
    3. Weekend staff - at track temp personnel on the weekend. Contract workers various temp labor and ad hoc help away from the track for a specialized duty. Almost all are member based.
    4. CC fees come with the swipe of a CC - just under ~3%
    5. Professional fees - Attorney's mostly and some for the CPA. No, we won't be sharing those specific details publicly.
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