A few things that I thought of:

1. Can we remove the address/phone/number email address field of the green tech form? We write this data down on the entry form and our license registration form - seems like we are creating extra work for everyone for little to no benefit. If someone is processing these forms after the event, they should have access to the member database for this. Could we also move the VIN field down to the same place as the rest of the fields? I've forgotten this I don't know how many times as it is above the title.

2. Med cards. I still feel it's a privacy issue to be requested to write your health conditions and medications down, hand them in plain sight to registration, then again to the tech inspector when he/she checks your helmet. It was mentioned on another thread that you can refuse to disclose if you choose, however, this isn't going to be much use if you are knocked out and the information is critical.

I'm not questioning the use of a med card - they are a good idea. I did read somewhere a while back that another organization had used envelopes for this reason - I don't know how they got past the sweat issue - maybe they had a setup where you destroy the envelope as part of opening it. I would like to propose that competitors are permitted to use a small ziploc bag and fold the paperwork inside if we so choose. For those that don't care of privacy, keep doing it the same way. To compare this with HIPAA rules at your local doctors office, you are really well protected - this is the form you have to fill out every time about what information can be disclosed to who and by which method.

3. Forum search timeout. You cannot search more than once every 30 seconds. This is a pain when you are looking for stuff, and necessary to prevent reposting the same stuff over and over again - something I'm bad at. This looks like a vBulletin default and should be easy to change to 3 seconds. The control is designed as a crude way to stop a denial of service attack from a compromised account - I think we are at low risk of this and searches don't seem particularly slow to respond, even given the decent amount of data we store.