At Hallett, the schedule had Group 1 for Sunday Free practice labelled as "Ultra Lightweight". I saw this initially and thought it was a typo, since there are no Ultra Lightweight races on Sunday, and very few Ultra Lightweight bikes riding up into Lightweight classes. On the Sunday, there was a complaint on the radio about my bike (lightweight bike - KTM 690 Duke) being allowed out this session, although it was later announced on the radio after the first practice round that Lightweight bikes would be permitted in group 1.

This time, the schedule has "Ultra Lightweight / Lightweight" as group 1. I wanted to ensure that Lightweight bikes are permitted in this group, even if this may seem obvious. For me, racing Heavyweight and Lightweight bikes on a Sunday it means I would potentially not get to practice on one of the bikes and have to go straight out into a race with no practice.

Thanks, Rab