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Thread: 2019 Forms Posted

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    Alex Howard

    2019 Forms Posted

    The following forms have been posted on the forms page:

    2019 Competition License Application / Renewal
    2019 Associate Member Application
    2019 CMRA Annual Minor Release Form
    2019 Annual Emergency Contact Form
    2019 Endurance Team or Superteams Team Registration Form

    Please read the instructions carefully when filling out the forms before submitting them to the office. The deadline for submitting your forms to retain your current competition number is January 1, 2019. I will not be running credit cards until January 2, 2019.

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    Alex Howard
    2019 License & Membership Forms Now Available Online.

    Unless specifically requested, renewal packages will NOT BE MAILED.


    In order to retain your 2018 competition number, forms must be received in the CMRA office on or before the January 1, 2019 midnight deadline. Beginning January 2, 2019, all numbers that have not been renewed by the deadline become available first-come, first-served based on the date the license application is received in the CMRA office. New number assignment information will not be available until after January 7, 2019.

    TOP-10 EXPERTS (NUMBERS 1 through 10)

    The top-10 overall 2018 Experts are encouraged to use number 1 through 10 based on their 2018 final season overall ranking. *If you choose to use your top-10 number in 2019, your 2018 number will be reserved so you can return to that number in the future. Please see the 2018 Expert Overall list at to see if you are eligible.
    *PLEASE NOTE: Top-10 number users must still renew their license by the January 1, 2019 deadline to keep their 2018 number.

    NUMBERS 11 through 99

    Two-digit numbers are reserved for Expert Racers who are actively sprinting.


    Congratulations to our new 2019 Rookie Experts! We will continue to take self-requests for promoting to expert. Approval will then be made by the Director of Competition and the Board of Directors. Please check the list in the Announcements section of the Message Board at


    The top-10 overall 2018 Teams in Ultra-LW are encouraged to use number 1 through 10 based on their 2018 overall ranking. *If you choose to use your top-10 number in 2019, your 2018 number will be reserved so you can return to that number in the future. The same goes for Superteams.

    *PLEASE NOTE: Top-10 number users must still renew their license and Team Registration by the January 1, 2019 deadline to keep your 2018 number.

    Please see the 2018 ULW Endurance Overall list at to see if your team is eligible. If team ownership changes between 2018 and 2019, the team must use the 2018 name for the team to use the earned top-10 number.
    Please see the 2018 Superteams Overall list at to see if your team is eligible. If team ownership changes between 2018 and 2019, the team must use the 2018 name for the team to use the earned top-10 number.


    All 2019 online forms must be printed, completed in full ,and signed. Please read and follow the instructions page carefully when completing the forms before submitting.

    Forms may be submitted as a PDF attachment to email ("2019 License Renewal" must be in the subject line) or snail mail. Photos of forms are not acceptable. Forms embedded in the body of an email are not acceptable.

    Minor Racers: The CMRA Minor Release Form requires the notarized signature of both parents. The form has provisions for one parent to attest if there is only one person with parental rights or only one Guardian of the Person for the minor. Applicants under the age of 18 at the time of application must include the CMRA Minor Release Form. License applications for minors will NOT BE ACCEPTED without a notarized Minor Release Form at the time of submittal.

    10-Year Members and 15-Year Members receive a discounted license renewal. If this is your first year to apply for 10 or 15-year membership, proof of paid, continuous membership must be included with application. This is required. No exceptions.


    Watch the announcements forum on the Message Board for the status of received applications.


    License Cards and Rule Books will be available at the track for you to pick up. Our Insurance Company requires that you must sign a special, 2-color original release form. You will be required to sign that form when you pick up your license.

    One (NOT BOTH) of the parents who signed the notarized CMRA Minor Release Form submitted with a minor's application must also sign an original 2-color minor release at the track when the minor picks up their license.

    PLEASE NOTE: Checks and credit cards will not be deposited/charged until on or after January 2, there is no need to delay getting your renewal in. Please be sure that your card information is current and there is an available balance on January 2nd. Declined credit cards will move your license renewal out of line and into the pending folder.

    FYI folks...there are rarely any available 2-digit numbers available after January 2nd. If you haven't sent your request in ahead of time, chances are good that there will not be any available.

    We have over 300 Expert status racers and only 89 2-digit numbers, so they go quickly.

    There is always a request waiting list for 2-digit numbers well before the January 1st renewal deadline.

    If you want one, you will need to send your license renewal in quickly.

    Please contact me if you have any questions.

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    are we ever going to get to a point where these are digitally completed AND submitted? This is 2018!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zach Morris View Post
    are we ever going to get to a point where these are digitally completed AND submitted? This is 2018!
    I imagine that'll happen as soon as someone with the necessary skills volunteers the time and effort to do it (in a robust manner with digital signatures acceptable to the CMRA's insurer and legal counsel for binding release purposes).

    Anyone offering that: please contact Alex after you've got demonstration forms to present for consideration.

    FYI, using Genuine Adobe Acrobat, I made them 'Acrobat fill-able forms' one year. But, some forms filled-in by users with (apparently) non-genuine Adobe Acrobat software and 'pasted-in longhand signatures' then 'digitally submitted' (contrary to instructions) did not contain complete information when printed using Genuine Adobe Acrobat at CMRA HQ.

    I lack the skills necessary to make those fill-able forms robust for all possible user software and submittal methods so have not repeated that attempt - it created more problems and necessity for special-handling by the CMRA Administrator than the effort was worth.

    If you, like some members, have the wherewithal to type-fill the forms in a manner that yields complete and correct forms when printed at CMRA HQ, that's your prerogative .... but recognize that if there's any problem at all when printed by the CMRA:
    • Your forms will be rejected
    • You will forfeit your 'place in line'
    • .... and that's Your problem

    We do the best we can with the resources we have available
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    I would be interested to learn more about those requirements. I've opened numerous banking and investment accounts, changed insurance providers for this or that probably a dozen times, ordered a certified copy of my daughter's birth certificate, and done much more without signing a physical piece of paper. As you said, if someone uses an unauthorized method to complete their forms, we just void their registration. Easy peasy.

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    Carter, the technology that makes it easy for end users and secure is not cheap. I don’t have numbers, but I have enough insight to financial tech to know that much.
    Provisional Expert #98

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    I understand that for sure - I've worked in tech industry for long enough to know how much security costs. But right now, the CMRA bar for security is pretty low. We currently accept unsigned, unencrypted email and insecure fax transmission as valid submission techniques right now. As long as someone can reasonably forge my signature, they can re-apply for my license through any of these methods without a hiccup. There is no in-person verification, no photo ID check, no DLN or SSN provided.

    I'm not complaining! My quality of life would be pretty minimally impacted if someone were to steal my CMRA identity. I'm just wondering why the standard for acceptable 100% digital security is so much higher than the standard for what we have right now, which is basically 98% digital security. Everything but the signature is completely insecure. And the signature has been an awful means of authentication for most of its history, especially in the last 20 years.

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    If you have a MAC, you can fill out the forms in Preview, including signature, Print to PDF and email them in. I've been doing that for years.

    (if you just save them, they may not read correctly in other viewers. That's why you print to PDF and email that.)

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    I know it would charge the payment immediately instead of Jan 2nd, but what about a "store" where we buy our 2019 license and have all of the needed information as mandatory fields and items such as Novice/Expert/Prov Nov are drop down choices? I know when I make payments to my credit card I can choose a future date, so maybe the Jan 2nd issue could be resolved that way as well.
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    Alex Howard
    Thank you all for your suggestions. I appreciate all of you giving out possible solutions. Here are the few hiccups that make these things difficult: budget. my lack of technology skills. others having the time to volunteer to set up something new for the CMRA due to my lack of technology skills. legal matters to make sure we follow. and finally, budget. I would love to explore any options someone may have, but if it boils down to a higher cost or me creating some kind of "store" or new system, we would be in deep poo. Right now, submitting forms via email is free. I know this is inconvenient and is not meeting the digital age's standard, but it is what we have until someone is able to help with something new.

    Again, I really appreciate the questions, concerns, and possible solutions! I just wanted to give a little overview as to why it is not just an easy switch over. I am sorry that this makes it more work on you with the paper-based forms.

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