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Thread: Transponder Rental Policy

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    Alex Howard

    Transponder Rental Policy

    Transponders are required for all classes including Jr. Motard. The type of transponder we use is the MyLaps TranX 260 and the new X2 Transponder.

    Moving forward in the 2019 season, the CMRA will only be RENTING transponders. We will no longer be selling them or renting-to-own.

    Transponder Rental
    Unless you have one of your own, the CMRA rents transponders for $25 a day or $50 per weekend with a $440 deposit (cash, check or credit card).

    You can make your transponder purchases from MyLaps has changed the design and now sells only the X2 transponder which requires a subscription of one-year, 2-year, or 5-year. Please visit their website for details: Click on the information for motorbike transponders.

    Transponder Purchase from individuals (used)
    Used transponders can be found for sale from individuals. A good place to look is the For Sale/Classified section of Racing Organization websites/forums.

    Additional mounting brackets are available from CMRA Registration for $7.00 each and it's yours to keep.

    Give me a call if you have any questions. 817-570-9779

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    Hello, I went to the mentioned website and they now offer one called "My Laps TR2 Transponder. will that work? is quite less expensive than the X2. thx.

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    As long as it is the Bike version it should work with our system.
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