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Thread: 3:16 Trackdays - CMRA Supporter!

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    3:16 Trackdays - CMRA Supporter!

    Hello Everyone!

    I have started a new Trackday Company called 3:16 Trackdays our web site went live last week

    Prior to all this I had discussions and calls with Shawndra and we have developed a way to support the CMRA by giving racers place to ride between events and to drive participation to the Track Experience program.

    This is not a "School" so there is no mandatory class and most if not all of our track mentors will be CMRA racers or previous racers.

    The premise of the Trackday is "Enjoyable and Usable Track Time" please read the mission statement.

    I have also set two dates that are ONLY FOR RACERS and are a few weeks before race events. We call them "Test and Train" Days where you will get 5 x 30 minute sessions and it is divided up
    by Lightweight , Novice, and Expert - ** This is my biggest risk I need your support to make this recurring for 2020 **

    In addition 3:16 Trackdays will pay out of pocket for one TXSR ( member to take CMRA class at every Texas Event in 2019

    There are 3 Products in Total

    Love to Ride - This Group is for "newer" riders and the Mentor ship is from Novice Racers who will encourage these riders to join CMRA

    Respect the Craft - This Group is for those who are serious and trying to improve their skills, Mentor-ship is from EXPERT RACERS who will pass on their experience and knowledge to develop more racers for the club.

    Test and Train - These are Dedicated Days for RACERS ONLY

    Finally - I am running SMALL GROUPS and LONGER SESSIONS the price is 30% higher but you get the following

    Love to Ride and Test and Train
    Track Walk with a MotoAmerica Level Racer who is a Member of the track we are on
    3.5 Hour Long Sessions (yes 1 hour long)

    Respect the Craft (AKA FASTER GUYS) - Don't get onto the track until 10:30 AM for Sighting but still get 3.5 Hours total ride time. No more throwing away your first session of the day that you paid for because it is still cold at 9am

    Test and Train - RACERS ONLY - Limited to 30 riders MAX, 30 minute sessions, and Dedicated Lt Wt, Novice, Expert Groups

    I know there will be more questions etc ... I really appreciate the feedback and help I have gotten from the following people to develop this program all of whom contributed and made it possible
    There are more people involved I just can't think of everyone right now.

    Shandra Crawford
    Craig Gleason
    Anita Thomas
    John Hutchinson
    Art Fonseca
    Aaron Graham
    Brandt Dillon
    Kier Garcia
    Strada Castro
    John McKenzie
    Damion Kimbrough
    Taylor Lambert
    Marquis Davis
    Keith Hertell
    Roger Albert

    If you have more questions message me on facebook via our page or you can e-mail me at

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    Awesome stuff Ignacio.

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    Sounds cool!

    Who is Brandt Dillon? (kidding!)
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    Great idea and I'm glad to be a part of it.

    I hope all the racers will attend the racer days, it will be nice to have more racers only track time here in TX.

    Also, Continental Race Tires will be at almost every round along with VonHertell racing Services.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Josh Henke View Post
    Sounds cool!

    Who is Brandt Dillon? (kidding!)
    I still quote him to this day "Money on the Table" =)

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    Very cool, IP. I'm sure you and Dave still have a good relationship, but it's nice to finally have a little competition back in the trackday world!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carter Rossner View Post
    Very cool, IP. I'm sure you and Dave still have a good relationship, but it's nice to finally have a little competition back in the trackday world!
    sign up for practice days Carter .... more seat time <3 this will only work if people buy ... :D

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    Awesome stuff!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rodrigo DaCunha View Post
    miss you man how is your healing dude ?

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