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Thread: Racer Practice - "Test and Train" Days

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    Racer Practice - "Test and Train" Days


    Just in case you have not seen this part, I have 2 dates that fall a few weeks before a race next year.

    June 1 - MSRH
    August 4 - MSRH

    Both these days are Dedicated for Race Practice

    All Racers No "Trackday" people
    Light Weight, Novice, and Expert
    30 Minute Sessions
    Max - 30 Riders Per Group

    Support by South Central Race Center, Von Hertell, and OnRoad-OffRoad

    Since LoneStar has been gone I've been hearing for years "we need race practice"

    This is my big dice roll, you all know I have involvement with TXSR, I can fill a day with beginners and track day riders anytime, this is for CMRA and Racing Orgs

    This will either make it work or it will make it fail. I do need your support and I hope you come to Test and Train nothing makes you faster than Seat Time !!!

    Sign Up for these Day Please

    If this works I can do more days next year for YOU
    If this fails I probably won't be in business next year

    You are my Gamble



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