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Thread: 3:16 Test and Train Days Update

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    3:16 Test and Train Days Update


    Thanks for the positive feedback. It's all been great input and it looks like everyone is onboard with uniting the community as a whole by not separating the practice from trackday guys.

    I am going to modify the format, give me a little time to update the web site and description in short.

    1. No beginners period, no first timers, (agreed 100%)
    2. Light Weight is light weight.
    3. Intermediate riders need to be level 2 and Up
    4. Advanced Riders will have lap times enforced. There IS room to bump people up or down.

    Our trackday is not packed, so even if we sell all 30 spots per level there is room to bump someone from Advanced to Novice or vice versa.

    Thank you all again for your positive support.

    3:16 Trackdays

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ignacio Pedregon View Post

    looks like everyone is onboard
    Made a Mistake

    Not everyone was 100% onboard it was like 70% Yes and 30% no, however the comments really helped some good comments were;

    "experts have to get around slower people at races anyways and this is a test and tune day not a race, it shouldn't be an inconvenience we are used to it"

    "if you can't get around a slower rider you shouldn't be racing"

    "if you cater only to racers it won't last long"

    Some of the comments were Gold and spoke a lot of Wisdom .. it's not a race and it's a day to Test, Tune, Train

    Thanks again!!

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