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Thread: New to Motorcycle Racing, CMRA rules, and other ?ís.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dex Lester View Post
    Jumping on to the OP here with a follow up on tires. Track day guy taking license school at Cresson in July.

    I don't have tire warmers so would it be better to stay with a hypersport style tire, say Q4 or Pirelli as mentioned above or would there be a benefit to using something like the Dunlop GP-A?

    I have no allegiance to brand and not looking to buy more tire than needed but the prices are similar so I would like the biggest bang for the buck.

    Thanks for all the info through this post.
    I have put numerous guys thru my school without the use of tire warmers, but if its a deal breaker for you I have extra set or 3 for you to use....
    one of my classroom portions is actually history of how we actually was able to race once upon a time long ago and how you still can without tire warmers.

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    I have and am currently using both the Q4 and the GP-A (two bikes) and as long as you take lap 1 easy-ish, GP-A's will be fine. what Danny said.

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