The idea of "mentor" was built off the TXSR organization where experienced riders help newer riders learn, get gear, and give advice.

The result was fantastic, TXSR has several thousand active riders from New Mexico, All over Texas, and Arskansas.

I was watching a friend Brad Bohac between sessions at Harris Hill make some fine adjustments, I asked "how did you learn all this" he said .. "hanging in the paddocks with Mike Sanchez he's my Mentor".

That's when the light went off in my head ... wouldn't it be cool to have experieced racers available at all levels to help grow our sport?

Our first couple of events have had great results we have mentors all the way up for most skill levels.

At Harris Hill on 9/3/18 we had one minor low side and didn't even have to flag it.
At Cresson on 3-18-19 we had one low side which required a flag. Yes you read that ... ONE, we had a couple of mechanicals but otherwise the event was nearly crash free.

We have just added two more experienced and fast mentors and I could not be more excited about it !!!

Doug Frenchak
Paul Garcia

This adds to our already amazing line up!

If you are a racer already you now have a unique opportunity to train with these men.

Memorial Day is coming fast and spots are being booked. 1 Hour Sessions and Training with top level experts!

We have full tire and suspension support. More info at

Thanks to everyone for their positive support!