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Thread: The Clubs Greatest Ambassidor

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    The Clubs Greatest Ambassidor

    Hello everyone, This is Kevin Johnson. I am writing to fill everyone in on the health and condition of the clubs greatest ambassador.

    Some may not know that my father, Tim Johnson, was diagnosed with congenial heart disease. This means his heart is too large for his body. In reality it is the same size as a human head and is not pumping.

    Hes got a big heart, Imagine that.

    He has made it on the heart transplant list however the doctors at Methodist on Fannin do plan on installing an LVAD pump to keep him alive until a compatible heart is found. They will be operating on June, 20th.

    I did link a GoFundMe link if anyone feels generous and if nothing else, sharing the link would be appreciated.

    (I would think this does count as a want ad)

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    Gutted to hear of the issues Tim has been having. I first met Tim when I was a little kid racing motocross at Highlands Motocross Park. For the longest time, as a kid, I didn't know him as Tim, but as Gateman. He was the gateman at all STC day and night series events. Awesome guy. Always a smile and yes, had the biggest heart.

    Prayers for Johnson family.

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    I always enjoyed seeing you all out at GSS when we played with motards.

    Please let Tim know lots of people are pulling for him.


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    thanks for sharing.

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    Hey Kevin,

    Prayers for you guys.
    Tell Tim we said hello. Best wishes for y'all

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    Update: 1

    Thanks everyone for the support.

    Dad had his operation on the 20th. He went in at 6am and came out at 10am. he woke up at 3pm the same day.

    He has been in the ICU recovering for the past few days. It seems I've had to make home made meals for him to eat anything (I don't want them to install a feeding tube) He has walked a bit and should be out of ICU by the middle of next week.

    Thanks to all who donated.


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    Update: 2

    Hello everyone its been about a month since I've updated everyone on dads condition.

    Dad was released on July the 8th with record healing time. However on Tuesday July 9th he threw up blood and was taken to the ER in the woodlands. They gave him 2 units of blood and some hephrin. He was life flighted to Fannin that night. Truns out they had over prescribed him the blood thinner warfarin. His INR Levels were at 6.0 when they should have been at 2.0-3.0. They took him off Warfrin for a week to get his blood thinner levels down. They found an ulcer in his stomach that caused the bleeding and clipped it.

    He had a stroke new years of 2018 and they tried to prescribe him warfarin and could never get the blood right. We told the doctors for the heart pump about this information, apparently they didn't listen.

    They released him a second time on the 22nd and he has been home since. He has to have blood taken and tested every week in order to keep his INR levels between 2.0-3.0.

    So he is now officially the worlds most finicky 2-stroke. lol.

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