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    Coolant Question

    I am getting the bike ready for my license school and my first weekend of racing. Looking through the rule book it says water wetter or plain water but does not say anything about Engine Ice. Is Engine Ice not allowed? I searched the forum but I do not see anything.

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    Engine Ice contains propylene glycol, which has similar properties to ethylene glycol, the "active ingredient" in most antifreezes. While propylene glycol less toxic than ethylene glycol, it's just as slippery and difficult to clean up if it spills on the track. For that reason, it is prohibited.

    Edit: also a general guideline to the rulebook, if it says "these things are allowed," it means ONLY those things are allowed. Any exceptions will be listed immediately thereafter, like you see for certain bikes in the classes section

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    Thank you. I will get it changed out.

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    You can use anything similar to water wetter IF it does not contain glycol. Example: Motul Mocool and Royal Purple Ice do not contain glycol and are safe to use.
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    I went ahead and picked up Water Wetter. I appreciate the information so I can make sure I am ready to go.

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    Welcome to the club. If you need any help look me up. #225 white R3

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    Thank you. Will do!

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