I've finally decided to take the plunge and give racing a try so I need to get my bike, a '15 Daytona 675, properly configured to pass tech when I finally do my first sprint race hopefully in August or September. I've got a lot of questions so I'd like to apologize ahead of time for this. I don't really have any friends who race who I could ask for help and I don't know where else to get help.

So, here goes... I've been doing track days for a handful of years now and have always wired my oil drain, fill, and dipstick plugs as well as the oil filter with a hose clamp around it that is then wired to the drain plug. I've long since flushed the coolant and replaced with water wetter so I think I'm legal here. Since there are quite a few things that need to be done to be fully race legal, I was hoping to get some advice about what are some of the things that I'm missing especially from guys who may have/had a Daytona 675 race bike.

Here's a full list of what I can think of that needs to be done. Some of the things I've already done and others I'm still trying to figure out...

  • Removed side stand
  • Replaced OEM Steering damper
  • Installed ArmourBodies race fairing with DZUS fasteners. I have had to cut a notch in the belly panel to allow the exhaust to clear it but I've been told that it should pass. I suppose I should do the "will it hold 3 quarts of fluid" test to be sure?
  • Installed brake lever guard
  • Bought wet race light -- I read a post from Rab in which he stated that he uses bicycle tail lights that aren't hardwired into the bike. I went ahead and bought one on Amazon but I'm pretty stumped about how to mount it to the tail. I don't want to drill it since water could get in it... I'm afraid I haven't a clue as to how to mount this...

Safety Wiring
  • Front caliper bolts wired together
  • Fork pinch bolts wired together
  • Front axle (wired together with pinch bolts)
  • Rear axle nut (using a safety wire clip; wired to drilled point on swingarm)
  • Oil drain (using a safety wire clip which the rulebook says is not legal so I will remove it and directly wire it)
  • Oil Filter (hose clamp wrapped around filter; wired together with oil drain plug, _not_ a drilled point on the engine/block/pan/whatever though... Is this required?)
  • Oil Fill (using a safety wire clip)
  • Oil dipstick (using a safety wire clip; wired together with oil fill)
  • Radiator cap (wired to fairing stay bracket)

I'm pretty sure that I still need to do the following:
  • CMRA & "GP Shift" stickers -- Can be picked up at the event?
  • Novice Race #s for bike and helmet -- Got a set from 212Decals that should be CMRA-legal
  • Rear caliper???? Not sure how to do this on a 2013+ Daytona... There aren't exposed bolts to wire unlike the 2006-2012 Daytonas...
  • Oil cooler??? I'm afraid I'm too ignorant to identify this. I've been going by this diagram (on the previous generation Daytona) and will try to adapt it to my Daytona: https://www.triumph675.net/forum/showthread.php?t=14651
  • Coolant drain bolts??? The service manual states to loosen the hose clamp on the lowest coolant hose and then pull free the coolant line to drain. I'm not even sure where the drain bolt is. I recall on previous bikes there was a special bolt that had a copper washer that you would loosen to drain the coolant. Is this what I should look for?

Any help would be very much appreciated!

Best -