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I live in the loop in the Rice Military neighborhood though I keep my track day trailer, gear, etc about 30 minutes north of town.

My current plan is to register for 2 sprint races at MSRC on Sunday and come up Friday night which would give me all Saturday to get my bike all sorted and ready for tech. I suppose I will need to check to see if I will be allowed to park my trailer and camp overnight Friday and Saturday even though I've only registered for Sunday events. If not I'm sure I can find an RV park nearby and drive in on Saturday afternoon.

I think the most pressing questions I have are around the wet race light and how to mount it as well as how to wire the rear caliper. I've been asking around with other guys who have a 2013+ Daytona and I've yet to find anyone who has the caliper wired up so I'm not sure what I can do for it.
Ive built and raced one, bring it to me Friday night and we'll get it set up...should be across from the registration tower.
I see you mentioned track days only in your original post, can we assume you have already taken a riders school?