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Thread: Labor Day Weekend - spots available

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    Labor Day Weekend - spots available

    Hi All!!

    sign up at

    Labor Day Weekend is coming we have 2 trackdays on the same day.

    Cresson 1.3 only 28 riders per group (2 groups) 1 hour sessions, tons of seat time, and VonHertell Onsite with Continental Tires and Suspension Support

    Coaches include Aaron Graham, Doug Frenchak, Cosmo Hertell, Shandra Crawford (to name a few)

    MSRH only 32 riders per group (2 groups) 1 hour sessions, tons of seat time, and Roger Albert for Suspension and Hutchinson for Pirelli Tire Support.

    Coaches include JC Camacho, Shakespeare, Klesel, and Paul Garcia (to name a few)

    Thanks for the great support this year!

    **Note** We do allow Opt Out if you are just too fast for our coaches and want to just come ride and get seat time =)

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    Number one thing about this format ^^^ is you have enough time during your sessions to really tune your motorcycle.
    Ride for 15-20 make adjustments, rinse and repeat.
    Can't tell you how much difference this makes in getting your bike setup.

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    I'm planning on arriving at the track mid afternoon on Sunday with Dirk and maybe Andrew Callis (Blam)
    Setting up camp, prep the bikes and grilling picanhas!!!
    I'm not sure about riding yet but I could help with the classroom, bike inspections, registrations and etc, but I'll bring my gear
    The goal is to get the endurance bike ready for Hallett.
    I hope to see familiar faces cuz I sure do miss my track family
    Come and get your ride on!!!

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