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    Good morning, could someone please advise what type of transponder CMRA uses and if there any other types or brand that would be compatible with CMRA lap readers, for example the MYlaps 2.

    Are the Solo 2 lap timers readable by the CMRA transponder readers. Thank you in advance.

    Sponsoring both my children, so I must go the less expensive way.

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    3.15 Transponders
    The CMRA uses transponder-dependent electronic timing and scoring exclusively. Riders are required have a properly functioning transponder mounted to their machine as described in this section whenever they are on the track for any purpose, including practice sessions.
    Whenever used in these rules “transponder” shall mean an AMB TranX 260 Transponder™ or MYLAPS Bike Transponder™ or MYLAPS X2 Bike Transponder™ complete with the mounting bracket designed specifically for each transponder.
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    great, thank you so much for taking the time to reply.

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