It's a far better deal for both of us if you buy it all. If you've never tried to put together a "kit" buying from so many sources and paying shipping and dealing with all the headaches that come along with it, then you don't know! It's pain!

Forks were refreshed by Raceworx and not used since. Fork extenders.

Upper and lower triples. Actually have two lower triples. Theyíre technically 2008 while the upper is from a 2005 GSXR1000 to put the ignition in the center.

R6 calipers with Vesrah RJL pads with a lot of life

Titanium caliper bolts

Goodridge Superbike Pro brake lines in black

Fender in silver

2008/2009 wheels with brake rotors. One is red, one is black. Dunlop slick on one, Bridgestone on the other. Good life in both but Iím happy to keep them fit trackdays or even street use

Woodcraft clipons

$1800 as listed. I spent over $2300 putting this all together only to run it on my SV650 for 2 races. I'll sell the forks separate for $1400, wheels $150 each, R6 calipers $100.

Itís all in boxes in my garage. Can bring to Hallett; I plan to be there Thursday evening of this coming round.

Also have a Twin Works Factory kit to mount a 2011 GSXR600 rear wheel and to SV650 Iíll consider selling for $100.